Dear editor,

I am a Frankfort native, currently living in Louisville. Imagine my disappointment at the column regarding Capital Pride ("Guest columnist: Not proud of Capital Pride Kentucky," Oct. 23). It was full of misinformation and outright lies.

It's sad that, in 2019, we are still dealing with these archaic, hateful beliefs, much less having them spewed in my hometown newspaper. I often think I'd like to return to Frankfort when I retire, but this sort of thing certainly makes me think twice.

Sure, it's the opinion page, but who in their right mind decided this opinion is worthy of publication?

Hate is hate, and this screams hate. Hate is born of ignorance. I would think the newspaper of record in Kentucky's capital city would be past this sort of thing. It's disappointing to see that it is not. I can't imagine you would publish a racist rant like this. Why did you publish this homophobic spew? Makes me sad for my hometown.

Paul Evans


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