Dear editor,

"The Big Lie" has always been Donald J. Trump. His presidency of verified lies and legacy of 550,000 pandemic deaths and counting isn't over.

Trump worshipped Putin and envied Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping for their media control and lawbreaking with lifetime dictatorships.

Trump wanted the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the Korean War (he didn't) and his face carved on Mt. Rushmore for being the greatest U.S. president EVER!

The Free World breathed collective relief when American voters fired Trump. The Big Liar called it "election fraud," ignoring Republican wins in states he lost.

Trump, loving only himself, ordered his patriots to steal votes, stop the count and "fight like hell" for him. Wrapping themselves in his lies and our flag, they invaded our Capitol, destroying the building, seeking victims to harm, causing death and destruction while the world watched Trump's "vanities" play out.

Kevin McCarthy's call to Trump for help was filled with foul language because he didn't care about Trump's election and he didn't care about the safety of Pence or any member of Congress.

Trump's two impeachment trials, classic "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil," now allowed the "Big Lie" to scam campaign money until 2024. Republicans are rewriting voting laws as fast as they can to kill Democracy for lifetime dictatorship.

What will you vote for in 2022 - the "Big Lie" or the "real truth"?

Judy Rembacki


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