Dear editor,

Without question, invasive pest plants are changing our landscape. For most, they represent only a slight nuisance, like encroaching on your yard or blocking the view of your woodland, but nationwide they cost more than $25 billion per year in damage.

Invasive species such as bush honeysuckle, winter creeper and Bradford pear are already impacting our community by degrading agricultural and forestland, impeding access to property and displacing the diversity, utility and beauty of native vegetation. 

Action is needed to prevent invasives from dominating the landscape. I am proud of our community for its support of the Remove Invasives Partnership (RIP), which seeks to protect the local ecosystem by removing invasive pest plants and educating and inspiring the public to remove invasive plants.

In particular, the internship program recently reported on by The State Journal is made possible by the support of Woods and Waters Land Trust and by generous donations from The Garden Club of Frankfort, Earth Tools, the Invasive Plant Council, Rich Rosen, the Audubon Society, Hannah Helm and others.  

Working together is the only way to effectively combat invasive species, and Frankfort and Franklin County is off to a good start.

Chris Schimmoeller


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