Dear editor,

On Aug. 25 I walked into the Frankfort Regional Medical Center emergency room lobby near death.

Earlier my wife and I had been pulling weeds when she pulled poison ivy growing through a yellowjacket nest. Hundreds of swarming insects went straight for her face and quickly covered her from head to toe. I got the hose to spray her off and they got on me. After getting most of them off, we headed to the hospital. I drove. We got there, I let her out and parked the car.

Upon walking into the ER, I collapsed, experiencing a life-threatening extreme allergic reaction to yellowjackets. I had never been bitten by a yellowjacket or any bee in my life. I spent 24 hours in the ER/ICU.

I owe my life to the wonderful dedicated staff at the FRMC. In the past I have had wonderful care when I needed to be seen in this ER but said nothing. This time I chose to tell my story.

Rendell Butler


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