Dear editor,

I have found that people often think Black Lives Matter doesn’t matter, nor thinking or reflecting on 1619 or the Greenwood Massacre in Tulsa. "It’s in the past! Just move on," they said.

Often, as I arose in the business world, this was the mantra of many conservative CEOs and corporate executives who pride themselves on success by monetary and possession standards. Establishing minority status seems to make them feel marginalized, the “white people.”

This is what white superiority is all about — the feeing that we, the “whites,” are better than them. That after all, we grant them minority status to give them a leg up, some help. Poor white people. Geez.

Atrocities did happen to Black people in this country. Period! Denying and lying will not erase it. I am proud to be someone who recognizes this horrible past of the United States. Trying to hide it, push it under the rug doesn’t make it disappear.

Can’t we be bigger people that this? Yes, we can, but the only people who want to do so are Democrats and liberals, it seems. And GOP conservatives are engaged daily on all “their” media outlets to “own” the libs.

This is how democracy fails, when a personality cult becomes so involved with hate evolving around racism. It is how the insurrection on our nation’s Capitol occurred.

It’s dysfunctional behavior. It will ruin the nation unless we embrace a healing action plan and soon. Before it’s too late.

Lisa Coons


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