Dear editor,

It's difficult for me to believe how easy it seems for people to willingly fall along party lines in defining their personal identity by what it means to be a card-carrying member of political party X.

There are others who refuse to be indoctrinated by the powerful influence of media in its many forms, and instead choose to diligently research for truth. There are more daily who are removing their party-colored glasses because they are just sick of the establishment candidates who continue to profit from the people they ultimately do little for.

Kentucky's 7th Senate District needs a strong candidate with the grit and determination to work for the people, because he is the people. I'm talking about future state Sen. Calen Studler, with your help.

I know him to be a man of wisdom, faith and reason. He is down to earth enough to talk about the latest Star Wars movie, or maybe some old-school tunes and pastimes. However, he is learned and sophisticated enough to understand international, national and state issues and how they affect people in our community.

Calen knows what it is like to financially struggle and what working families go through just to make ends meet. Calen is supported by the people and not dark money from nefarious characters of low character. In a recent poll, Calen was supported by almost 50% of Frankfort voters. Voting for Calen is a great choice and not just the lesser of two evils.

Delvin Azofeifa


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