Dear editor,

I have never written a letter to the editor nor was I a recycler until Frankfort rolled out the original program. I then became obsessed with trying to do the right thing. I was stoked to try something new to help the environment — for the first time in my life. I am now stumped with the recycling situation as it is today.

I originally chose the correct size bins for my family based on my guidelines from the city. Then the rules changed. Yes, I understand these things happen, but it makes no sense to charge me to change my containers sizes because I made the best decision before the rules changed midstream.

Frankfort now wants "mo money" to require us to adjust to its new rules because Frankfort made a deal with an unreliable vendor. I know the changes were out of the city's hands, but I believe it is imperative that the city should provide free alternatives to adjust the bin sizes at no cost. I am even willing to deliver the old ones and bring back my new containers.

Unfortunately, this looks like a money grab to us regular folks that took the advice of the city. Come on, Frankfort: Get back on board with real recycling or give a free container switch to every family that followed your advice.

I love Frankfort; I just ask for a fare shake on a trashy deal we made. 

Taylor Veatch


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