Dear editor,

I'm sure I felt as much disdain for Phyllis Sower's commentary ("Guest columnist: Not proud of Capital Pride Kentucky," Oct. 23) as she expressed in her piece toward the Capital Pride Festival.

Her opinion piece is pervaded by contempt for our LGBTQ sisters and brothers. It's "Christians" like her who turn so many decent people away from church. What good and decent person wants anything to do with hate-filled, exclusionary religion? I am a Christian minister and I do not know her god. The God I know and have experienced in Christ is a God of inclusive love and compassion. 

I was at Capital Pride. My church, Immanuel Baptist Church, off of Collins Lane, had a booth where we gave out free water and held a presence just to let folks know we are a welcoming and affirming congregation. All are children of God, all are loved with an eternal divine love, all belong, and all are welcome in our community of faith. 

Because we are all God's daughters and sons, I must somehow learn to coexist with the likes of Phyllis Sower and even the gay bashers from the Reformation Church in Shelbyville who crashed the festival. But I would much rather hang out with the Kentucky Fried Sisters. I think Jesus would too.

Chuck Queen


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