Dear editor,

Your editorial and column by Su Sheridan (“Guest columnist: Distance learning preferable to mask-to-mask instruction,” Nov. 3) addressed many valid points about schools dealing with the virus.

Our generation and those of my children and grandchildren have gotten a bit soft. We've been reared with advantages our parents and grandparents only dreamed of having.

They went through the Great Depression and war. We didn't have to drop out of school to help support the family or forego our senior year in high school and college to join the armed forces. The men were gone for four years with only snail mail for communication. Women stepped up to man the factories, tend the farms, milk cows while dealing with rations of milk, cheese, bacon, eggs, cooking oil, butter and gasoline.

WWII was a sacrifice for the common good and most Americans were united. A mask is an inconvenience. Remember Anne Frank spent 25 months in an attic with seven people and one toilet.

Brenda Richardson


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