Jill Kohr as Ali, Sloan Theaker as Sophie and Lynsey Milburn as Lisa rehearse a scene from "Mamma Mia!" during the Bluegrass Theatre Guild's rehearsal at Kentucky State University's Bradford Hall Tuesday. (Hannah Brown | State Journal)

When it came time to decide on the Bluegrass Theatre Guild’s next production, director Kate Osterloh and music director Nick Johnson decided to follow their dreams of producing the musical “Mamma Mia!”

The production will run Thursday through Sunday, June 27-30, at Kentucky State University’s Bradford Hall. Show times are 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at https://btg.yapsody.com or at the door. 

Along with being their dream show, Osterloh also said they chose to do “Mamma Mia!” because “it’s just all out fun.”

“It’s the music of ABBA, and who doesn’t love that,” she said. “But also, it’s a heart-warming story about the different kinds of families out there and we loved that celebration.”

The story follows the marriage day preparation of bride-to-be- Sophie, played by Sloan Theaker, who wants to discover who her biological father is.

After reading her mother Donna’s, played by Kathy Parritt, diary, she discovers there are three possible candidates and invites them all to the island for the wedding. Chaos and unresolved feelings ensue as the preparations for the wedding go forward. 

“It’s a rock and roll musical with a heart,” Osterloh said. “While it’s music from the 1970s, the story is relevant today and I think it will connect with our audience.

“For this particular production, I love this cast. From the beginning, they have supported each other and worked incredibly hard to create a fantastic show.”

Other members of the cast include Karen Bourne as Rosie, Courtney Nitz as Tanya, Greg Hardison as Sam, Tim Simpson as Bill, Chris Olds as Harry, Taylor Strickland as Sky, Jake Parritt as Pepper, Tre Taylor as Eddie, Lynsey Milburn as Lisa and Jill Kohr as Ali.

The ensemble cast members include Alexis Allen, Kristin Ballard-Kietzerow, Cesar Barraza, Dawson Barrineau, Madison Boler, Garrett Bourne,  Laura Branham, Anna Dudley, Samantha Farr, Julien Galyon, Isabella Hardison, Alyssa Hearn, Aaliyah Jones, Diana Lowe, Erin Mentzer, Ruth Noel, Karen Robinson, Alison Simpson and  Faith Smith.

The musical is choreographed by Kara Johnson.

“I hope audience members leave the theater with a huge smile on their face and a song in their heads,” Osterloh said.

“We have a few surprises up our sleeves for this show, and I think the audience will enjoy what we have in store.”

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