From left, Marsha Young installed the 2020-2021 Church Women United of Franklin County officers Carol Rawlings, treasurer; Kathy Hartley, secretary; and Beth Avent, president, during the World Community Day Celebration Nov. 1 at Highland Christian Church. Not pictured is Bessie Redden, vice-president. (Photo submitted)

“The Time is Now! Resolve to Love” was the title of the 2019 Church Women United of Franklin County’s World Community Day Celebration on Nov. 1 at Highland Christian Church. President Linda Axon welcomed the gathering and made appropriate announcements. 

World Community Day focuses on global peace and justice. As the program theme states: We as women of faith have a responsibility to reach beyond Christian denominations to brother and sisters who are Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and many others. It is a move from ecumenical to an interfaith orientation. We strive, through mutual respect, to create an inclusive community that is just, caring and supportive to all.    

“The Orchestra of God,” written by the late John Paul Broderson, was read to open the program. In this writing, Broderson uses the example of unity as the musical notes C, E and G. They are different notes, but struck together are all a part of one chord. 

He equated each faith to musical instruments, with separate sounds and parts, but playing the same tune in unity in an orchestra. He said we should start seeing our neighbor, who is playing God’s tune, with an instrument different than our instrument, in God’s orchestra. 

He told us to stop focusing on the instrument and listen to the beautiful sound of God’s heartbeat coming from the orchestra pit of humanity. Lastly, he said that in focusing on the tune, we have unity, but focusing on just the instrument, we have diversity.

Marcey Broderson attended the celebration as an honored guest.

Linda Axon read from the January 2017 copy of FRANK. Magazine some of the highlights of the pilgrimage to Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, by Ashiq Zaman and his wife, Saika Aktar. 

Zaman is the president of the Islamic Center of Frankfort. One magazine quote from Zaman was that the pilgrimage gave them a broader perspective of humanity and an increased understanding of diverse cultures.

A prayer for the world by Rabbi Harold Kushner was read.

The Golden Rule from Hinduism, Buddhism Judaism, Baha’i’, Islam and Christianity was read.

Scripture was taken from Colossians 3:12-14 where it tells us to put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 

The Responsive Reading (A Muslim Prayer for Peace based on the Koran, 49:13, 8:6) was read.

Beth Avent presented the group with “The 30-Day Kindness Challenge” by author Shaunti Feldhahn. 

Officers for 2020-2021 were installed by Marsha Young. They are Kathy Hartley, secretary; Carol Rawlings, treasurer; Beth Avent, president; and Bessie Redden, vice-president.

The offering received will be sent to the national office of Church Women United to support the cause of peace and justice in the world. UNICEF donations were collected and will be sent to their national office. 

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