In last week’s June overview, I missed a series of Ember Days but no harm since they don’t occur until Wednesday, Friday and next Saturday. No planting should occur on these days.

Unfortunately, next Friday is ruled by a very fertile sign. Nonetheless, I would recommend avoiding planting on June 12, 14 and 15.

Questions, phases and signs

Below is more detailed information for the week ahead. There are no restrictions now other than to avoid planting in wet ground and on days ruled by killing signs or Ember Days.

Before we begin, I had the same question from a couple my online followers about the difference between “planting” and “transplanting” — “planting” in their minds meaning seeds and “transplanting” meaning putting plants like tomato and pepper plants in the ground.

I try to cover every possible contingency since I can’t visit all of you in person to talk about this information, but now and again I miss one — and apparently this is one. When I write “planting,” I’ve always included “transplanting” in my thinking.

So, going forward, I want to remove all confusion, so I will write “planting and transplanting” when talking about seeds and/or plants going in the ground.

If you have questions or need clarification,  please be in touch. All my contact information is here with this column. If you’re online and want daily information and lively comments from the more than 4,000 followers of the Facebook page, go to my Planting by the Signs business page.

Then, when you lose your newspaper, you’ll have the information each day. If you don’t know how to do Facebook but have a computer, ask any teenager — they’ll help you! And, of course, the weekly column is available at

Pouring gravel

Just one more item before we get to phases and signs: pouring or spreading gravel. The best time each month is when the moon is in the light phase so that the gravel doesn’t sink, at least not as quickly.

That period in June is now through the June 16. I could share personal stories about that, too, but I will save those tales for another day. Just pour gravel when the light moon rules.

Phases and signs

The moon is in the light phase now and will remain there until the next full moon at 4:31 a.m. on June 17. Until then, be planting or transplanting only those veggies that produce above the ground, hopefully when one of the most fertile signs in in force — and definitely not when a killing sign or Ember Day rules.

The signs: Our monthly series of flowering signs begins today and continues through Wednesday — which is, incidentally, the first Ember Day.

Virgo/bowels (two days) and Libra/reins (three days) rule, all with the moon in the light phase. These are bloom days and flowers planted when they are in force should bloom and do so abundantly — except Wednesday when you don’t want to plant anything!

I’ll share a little story about planting veggies when a flowering sign rules right after mentioning it’s back to very fertile planting on June 13-14 with Scorpio (the secrets) in force. Then the so-so signs are up for June 15-21 with the moon moving to the dark phase on the June 17.

June 14 and 15 are Ember Days so no planting.

A ‘blooming’ tale

I’ve shared this story in this space several times, but it merits repeating for new PBTS followers and as a reminder to the rest of us.

A reader called to share the story of planting cucumbers with a flowering sign in force. “I put the seeds in the ground without checking the sign,” he said. “They germinated quickly and developed the most beautiful vines and those lovely orange-yellow flowers. I was counting on a bumper crop.

“But when I went to check for developing cukes, I was shocked. There wasn’t a one — just deep green vines and gorgeous blooms.”

He checked the almanac and found he’d planted when a flowering sign was in force.

“I learned a lesson there,” he said. “Check before you plant!”

And that’s a lesson for all of us.

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