Sig Says: Take your tastebuds on a trip to the Old World

Sig Luscher

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Greetings, friends.

It’s me again, Sig Luscher, and some things have been flummoxing me since my return to Frankfort in modern day — namely smart phones, traffic lights and milkshake IPAs. 

Many brewers, like myself who brought Old World techniques to the New World, felt free to experiment, but have we gone too far?

Things have changed since my former neighbors in Bavaria introduced Reinheitsgebot, or German Purity Law, that only allowed for barley, hops, water and later yeast to be used in the production of beer. Change is good, but beer should taste like beer.

I love that brewers are experimenting. I’ve been known to knock back a “juicy IPA” when no one is looking. I used barrels to store beer in. I only wish I would have thought to age it in bourbon barrels. Good work, modern brewers!

In the last column, I told you of the Sig Sour, which is a Berlinerweiss — style fruited sour. Proving I’m not afraid to play with ingredients to concoct delicious brews that play outside the realm of these German Purity Laws. 

However, the milkshake IPA is where I draw the line. It is simply not beer. For the uninitiated, the monstrosity that is the milkshake IPA is made by combining a “juicy” India Pale Ale, loads of lactose sugar and unfermented fruit slurry or juice. 

It is a sugary, unbalanced mess disguised as beer, although, not disguised well in some cases. I’ve seen some that are opaque, purple, with no head. This goes beyond the radlers and shandies, which are mixed drinks, that combine beer with grapefruit juice and orange juice, respectively.

These brewers can’t be bothered to ferment out all of the sugar, so if you don’t consume or  these right away, your can will transform into a bomb that will spray sugary shrapnel all over your wagon or wardrobe.

These brewers, in an effort to cater to the flavor of the month beer buyer, have not run out of ideas, just good ones.

So friends, don’t be wooed by the latest fad that will no doubt lead to type two diabetes and leave you wanting a proper lager. Come see us at the taproom or pick up a six pack and enjoy our time-tested beer. 

In addition to our signature Pilsner and Wheated Amber Lager, we will soon be releasing our Kolsch, which is a traditional, straw-colored, clean beer that is best enjoyed outdoors with friends and our pre-prohibition porter, a style of beer that I remember. Look for both soon.

In the meantime you can visit, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our Sig Says newsletter or follow me on Twitter (@sigluscher). If you’re a local who’d like more information on the weekly goings-on at the taproom, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Roundabout — named after the Frankfort newspaper from my time.

Next time we will discuss these traffic lights. Why are there so many in Frankfort if every street is one way? 


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