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Rev. Ron Moore Jr. 

As I said in my last writing, “Keeping Your Feet on the Ground” has grown to mean several different things to me. 

It is a phrase that is near to my heart that my pastor has spoken to me quite often. To me, this phrase is cry to always stay humble no matter what. All of the praise, glory and the credit goes to our Lord Jesus Christ. We are simply nothing without him.

In a world that is full of evil and everything bad that you can imagine, God wants to show his mighty power to mankind. 

You may ask, “Why don’t he just do it then?” That’s a great question. God works through his children; he works through us. 

A humble heart realizes that all strengths, abilities and talents in one’s life come from the Lord. When you realize this you won’t be so inclined to think of yourself more highly than you are.

Years ago, I was on a 21-day fast, and the Lord spoke something to me that I will never forget. This is what he said: “Your evangelistic anointing (ability) comes from your grandmother and your love anointing (ability) comes from your mother.”    

For a humble heart God has a special gift for you! James spills the beans: “But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisisteth the proud, but he giveth grace unto the humble” (James 4:6). 

A humble heart receives extra grace from God! Grace could mean a lot of things, but to keep things simple, I like to say it means help. Could you use some extra help from God?

I want to leave you with a story. 

There is a pastor in Branson, Missouri, that I follow really close. To me, he is one of the best Bible teachers around.

Many years ago he was teaching in a very famous Bible school. One night he prayed a prayer. He does not recommend that anyone does this. Anyhow, he prayed a prayer and asked God to remove his ability from his life. 

For teaching purposes, he wanted to see what he could accomplish without God. The Lord heard his prayer and answered him. The next day, he woke up early like he always did. He went to college to teach class like he always did.

The students arrived ready to learn. However, the pastor who had taught Bible school courses for X amount of years couldn’t do much but fumble over his words. He was shocked!

He had been doing this for so long and now it has become very hard. He later returned home and just stared at the walls. He said jokingly (or not) that “without God you can’t find the doorknob!”

I think that sometimes we take for granted the different abilities on our life. Let’s learn to thank God for even the smallest victories and watch those small ones turn into big ones.

After all, he is so worthy to be praised.


Rev. Ron Moore Jr. is the associate minister at First Corinthian Baptist Church in Frankfort. Contact him at

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