Sig Says: Take your tastebuds on a trip to the Old World

Sig Luscher

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Straight from Sig’s mouth (see below for the modern translation — this is what we have to deal with).

Ahoy! Of note this month, we pay kindness to those bumpsies who were privy to the first annual Frankenfest, Frankfort’s own Oktoberfest.

Much obliged to the locals and nose-baggers who happened upon our establishment of jack-rolling and clodhoppers. The benjo was nanty narked by foozlers and dizzy-aged alike. 

None could say Nappy Roots were simply whooperups as they delighted the slew of muggies. The turns of phrase were confusing at times but always a bang-up crack. They are not one to butter up bacon. Their bricky performance could have made the queen blush.

To our collective delight, the crowd as mad as hops. I congratulate the team as we really took the egg on this one. And though the juice was flowing and the fuzzy made their presence known, no chislers or sneak-thieves dared to step afoot upon our humble grounds.

Never shall hot shot be poured on these hollowed grounds or our fine city forever more.  Tip of the hat to this periodical of note for giving voice to a 200 year old blotto. Prost!


Hello! Thanks for showing up to the first annual Frankenfest, Frankfort’s own Oktoberfest.

Thanks to the folks from here and those from out-of-town who came to our brewery. The party was hopping with young and old alike.

Nappy Roots are no chumps as the crowd loved them. Their lyrics were confusing to me, but were always on point. They are a humble bunch who put on an outstanding performance.

We were happy with the crowd's reaction. Our staff did a great job. Although we poured a lot of beer and our fine police force was on hand, all was well. 

No one can talk smack about Frankfort anymore! I thank The State Journal for giving this old brewer the opportunity to thank these fine people. Cheers!

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