Sig Says: Take your tastebuds on a trip to the Old World

Sig Luscher

Greetings, friends!

It’s me again, Sig Luscher from your local watering hole on Mero Street in downtown Frankfort. Today I’d like to tell you about the type of beer that we specialize in at the brewery: lagers. 

At Sig, we pride ourselves on mixing traditional methods and styles with New World ingredients and the inclination to innovate.

Lagers are mostly defined by two things: the type of the yeast they use, Saccharomyces eubayanus, and the temperature at which they are fermented. While ales can be fermented at higher temperatures and produce more pronounced flavors, lagers ferment at low temperatures and result in more well-rounded, smooth and crisp flavors.

In 19th century Germany, brewers would dig caves and fill them with ice from nearby lakes to make a suitable environment for the lager yeast to do its magic. European brewers who came to America in the 1800s, such as myself, brought lager brewing with them to the new world.

Although our original brewery had lager caves dug into the hill behind us, I was not content with the old world methods of refrigeration and worked to improve the newly invented ice machine. A copy of the patent I applied for and was granted in 1885 for a modern ice machine, hangs in the brewery today.

This invention gave us a leg up on the competition and allowed Sig Luscher to play a role in the development of modern lager brewing.

As modern refrigeration continued to developed, lagers became easier to produce and rose in popularity. Today, lagers remain the most popular type of beer, outselling ales four to one here in the states and worldwide.

Modern brewers have a vast array of styles to choose from within the umbrella of lager beer. At Sig, we offer our Pilsner and Sig ’66, a wheated Amber lager, year round. In addition, we always offer two seasonal beers that are almost always a style of lager.

Our next seasonal is Weisenbock, which is an unfiltered pale wheat lager coming in at 6.8 ABV. We will also have a Winter Warmer to help you beat the cold of the winter. 

This malty, high alcohol lager is perfect for sipping by a fire or sharing with friends at the bar on a winter day. So, come by and raise a pint with me and my friends at the pub!

In the meantime, you can visit, check us out on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (@sigluscher). If you’re a local who’d like more information on the weekly goings-on at the taproom, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Roundabout — named after the Frankfort newspaper from a bygone era.


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