Sig Luscher to have ‘Trifecta Weekend’

Sponsored content The first ever Kentucky Derby was 144 years ago, just nine years after I started my brewery on Ann Street. I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like it’s high time we bring some of those old Derby traditions back to life in Frankfort! Sig Luscher Brewery has planned its biggest weekend […]

Greetings, friends! 

It’s me again, Sig Luscher from your local watering hole on Mero Street in downtown Frankfort. It’s time to talk about the most cheerful time of year — Christmas.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas or abhor the holidays, this is still a great time to come see us. We have a great deal to look forward to with new beer releases and celebrations. But let’s first take a step back to see how Christmas, like most great things, evolved from European immigrants who came to this country in the mid 19th century. 

Like the brewery and beer itself, Christmas is rich in history and tradition and its legacy mostly derives from the old country.

Many folks don’t realize that Christmas wasn’t a national holiday in America until well after my death in 1891. Like the beer styles and techniques, us German immigrants brought to American we also brought this wintertime holiday with us as well, but it wasn’t exactly the same.

Like most things that travel from Europe and land in the New World, Americans put their own spin on it and made it their own.

In the old country, many people still celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, the predecessor of modern, American Christmas on Dec. 6. Children leave their shoes in the foyer of their home in hopes the Saint Nicholas will drop some coins in them.

As America emerged as a strong melting pot of folks from around the world, the people adapted our traditions to create something that doesn’t exist anywhere else. The Christmas tree was a welcome addition to the season. Decorations began to get more elaborate and sentimental as well. 

On Saint Nicholas Day this year, we will be brewing our Santa Claus beer at the brewery. This wintertime seasonal is perfect for warming you up on a cold night. This big, barrel-aged winter warmer lager was brewed with eight types of grain and aged for 10 months on WL Weller barrels for a complexity rarely seen in beers and comes in around 14% ABV.

The Santa Claus beer we brewed last year will be available for purchase in the taproom in time for Christmas.

Our new seasonal offerings will be coming soon in time for winter. We will be serving a Winter Warmer and a Weissenbock (wheat beer) throughout the winter. So come by, warm up with a cold beer and don’t forget to say hi to your favorite brewer!

In the meantime you can visit, subscribe to our Sig Says newsletter or follow me on Twitter (@sigluscher). If you’re a local who’d like more information on the weekly goings-on at the taproom, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Roundabout — named after the Frankfort newspaper from a bygone era. Prost!

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