Instagram has been leading the social media industry for quite a while now. It has been something people talked about, since the day it came out. With over a billion active users every day, Instagram is the best place to be, if you want a strong social presence. If you have a business that needs marketing, or you’re just trying to create meaningful content for people, Instagram is a solution to all of those problems. With the onset of digital marketing, especially Social Media Marketing, Instagram is seen more as a tool for business growth, rather than a platform where people can connect on. So if you want to market your products and get your content more views, what you need is a greater following. For an instant following check out our list of best sites to buy Instagram followers.

But people don't usually don't follow accounts that have a low follower count even though they have good content or products. They are always attracted more towards a profile that has a good number of followers, this concept is called social proof. More than content, people seek approval from other users about a piece of content, which brings more followers to the people who already have a set of followers on their profile. And if you want to grow faster or you need a headstart, then buying followers can do that for you. Not only can it increase the number of followers you have but it can also bring in more organic reach, which is appreciated in the long run. Amongst the hundreds of services available on the internet for the same, we have selected the top sites where you can buy Instagram followers from;

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Best site to buy instagram followers

Source: Viralyft

We can bet you’ve heard this name already, and if you’re not we assume that you’re either Captain America or you’re just too lazy to get your social media A-game on. Viralyft is one of the most popular websites in this industry, as they have been in this business for a long time. Their experience speaks for itself as they can get you real, interactive followers without provoking any activity from Instagram. They have been used for various social media platforms to improve reach, and they have conquered it all. Viralyft is one of the best places you can buy Instagram followers from.

With Viralyft you get your orders delivered pretty quickly and results are guaranteed. They also promise to refill the number of followers if they start dipping after some time. Also, your money is safe with the extra secure payment gateways. Their websites always prioritize the customers and hence their strategies are made in a way that the Instagram account is never at risk.

Their services are high quality and quick too. But even then their prices are not too high and are justified for the services they provide. They have a variety of packages which range from $2.89 for 100 followers and go up to $94 for 10,000 followers. These are competitive prices as compared to the rivals, but there is no compromise in quality at all. You can be sure to receive 100 percent real engagement and followers, which is healthy for your account. Their customer support is always at their toes to help you out and the cancellation process is hassle-free as well. Hence if you want to get more followers from a reliable portal, Viralyft is one of the best places to get them from.

Source: GetViral is one of the most popular websites that brings you like social media services for any of the platforms you may think of. Be it youtube, Facebook r even Twitter, is a one-stop destination for all. There has been a mention of GetViral on similar articles various times because they’re just that good at what they do. With you can be sure to receive active followers, which are 100% genuine, with no machine-generated accounts or bots. They can also help you increase your organic reach, which is a great way to stay relevant in the social media game for a long time. They have 24/7 customer support, which creates another level of trust with their users, as they can sort your issues at any given point in time.

Speaking of packages, you can get 250 followers for $4, 1000 followers for $13, 5000 followers for $55, and 10,000 followers for $108. All of these packages deliver your order as quickly as possible, which ensures that your account also attracts organic reach. They guarantee delivery within 0-8 hours, depending on the package you’ve selected. The interface is pretty simple to use and hence can get you the followers in just a few clicks.

Most of their customers are satisfied with the service they get, which tells you how great their services are. The whole procedure is secure so you dont have to worry about your info getting disclosed. Also, they dont need your account credentials for getting you the followers, which makes them extra secure and trustworthy. If you want to get more people to follow you, then Getviral is one of the best in the market.

Source: ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert is another well-known entity in this industry. With thousands of satisfied customers all over the world and hundreds of testimonials on their websites, ViewsExpert helps you with all your social dilemmas. Even though it cant help you get friends, but it can get you more followers there if you’re trying to build a social presence. Like GetViral they also don't use bots or machine-generated accounts to get you more followers and hence can be trusted with your hard-earned money.

They don't only deal with Instagram services but they have also been pioneers in providing services for other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even youtube. Their payment gateways are SSL certified, which is that tiny lock icon you see on the side of the address bar. This indicates that it’s secure and has good privacy policies. Views Expert doesn't ask for your social media credentials to get you the followers you want, which is why they are reliable as well.

Their packages are also affordable and come in all sizes and shapes for your requirements. Their packages start at $2 for 100 followers and go up to $100 for 10,000 followers. Also, they have a lot of affordable packages in between these two, for you to select the best one for you. If you ever wonder where to get your account and headstart from, then Views Expert is one of the best solutions out there. They also provide 24/7 customer support, which is great if you’re new in the SMM business and will answer all your queries with due diligence. Their services are high quality and not disappoint you in the long run.

FollowerPackages is another one of the OGs in this industry. With the quality of their service and the delivery rates, FollowerPackages have established itself as one of the best service providers in the SMM industry. They have services related to any social media platform you can think of which is why they can get better results than most of the people out there. 

Their interface is pretty simple to use as well, and even if you find something complicated, you can ring their customer care to get details. Moreover, they bring genuine traffic to your profile, which strengthens your presence on social media in the long run. They have a wide variety of packages to fit every demo, be it a beginner influencer or a business trying to market their product.

Speaking of packages, they charge you $15 for 500 followers and go up to $119 for 10,000 followers. These prices are at par with the competitors, which makes them a great site to buy Instagram followers from. Overall, if you’re looking to get high-quality traffic on your profile, then FollowerPackages can help you get there.

Time and time again, has proved itself to be one of the best, if not the best social media marketing tools out there. They have helped millions of people start their social media journeys and can help you do so as well. They have stayed on top, most of their time in this business, and hence have developed credibility amongst the users. Their packages are customized as per the user and hence feel high quality and premium.

They make sure, no bots or fake accounts follow you and help you rank higher in the Instagram SEO as well. On top of it all, they dont charge you something unreasonable but come with a variety of affordably priced packages. They have been in this industry long enough to understand the algorithm in and out and hence are adaptive to any changes made whatsoever. Their services can get you more organic reach than you could have gathered, in a short amount of time, which speeds up the process of you getting infamous.

Speaking of pricing, their packages start at $2.50 for 100 followers and go up to $105 for 10,000 followers, which is not too much of an ask as compared to the competition. With their customer support team always making your order feel prioritized and their services being lightning fast as they are, SocialPackages are hands down the best in this it quality, pricing, and even security, this website covers it all, so you can rest well at night while your account gathers more followers. is very synonymous with what it does. It gets you engaged, fast, high quality, and secured. They are also one of the more popular guys in the industry right now. Since their services are affordable and high quality, they have had a lot of users to date and are continuously helping other influencers as we speak. Their interface is pretty easy to understand and within a few clicks, you have the followers in your account.

However, some of the testimonials reveal that the followers that they pour in are not always real, which is harmful to your account. They are dead accounts that increase the overall quantity of followers you have. But this has not been as apparent as most of the reviews they have on their website are positive and indicate a good delivery rate and high-quality services.

They also have similar prices as the competitors, which means they offer 100 followers for $2.50 and go up to 10,000 followers for $107 which is a fair deal. They also provide customer service whic is available to answer your queries throughout the day for seven days a week. All combined, is one of the best places to buy Instagram followers from as far as online services are concerned.


This name has been synonymous with getting famous on Instagram. Famups has helped and continues to help more and more social media influencers to get an audience that is genuine and organic. They help you land up on an explore page for people to check your internet out and follow you without any incentive. However, for that, you need to get their Instagram views package, which has its benefits. However, coming back to getting Instagram followers, Famups pour in 100% genuine and active followers to your account without the need for its sign-in credentials.

With the SSL certification, they are cyber secure and can keep your data protected. Also, their customer support helps you understand and resolve any difficulties you might face while using their services to get more Instagram followers. Since they have been sorting socials out for a very long time, their methods are not considered-provoking to the algorithm and also have been benefiting the users in the long run as well.

Their packages offer 500 followers for $7 and they also offer 50,000 followers for $430. They have the highest follower count package we have seen so far, which is great for people who are trying to gather more attention towards their products relatively quicker. Their packages are affordable and are decent in terms of quality as well. They are also a very secure platform to buy Instagram followers from, so you can trust them without hesitation, their testimonials reveal happy customers and you can be one too. They promise quick deliveries and guarantee to refill if the followers drop, which is a great way to check if their services work or not. Overall, Famups is one of the most reliable websites to buy Instagram followers from.


Another name that comes to mind when you think of Famups is Famoid. Similar names, similar functions. Famoid is also one of the leading service providers in this industry. They have been famous among all age groups and experience levels, which makes them easy to use and very credible. Famoid is not some get rich quick scheme, but they will provide you a base, and the rest will fall in place.

They understand that true and organic engagement is very necessary for the Instagram account in its initial days and hence help you do just that, with the genuine and active followers they pour in. you would have no complaints regarding any spambots coming to your profile or fake profiles which are dead otherwise. Their networks can also promote your Instagram content or profile, to get more people from the same niche into your follower base.

Famoid packages are slightly pricier as compared to the competition, but their quality is undeniably great as well. Their packages range from $4 for 100 followers to $200 for 15,000 followers. They also have other standard features like 24/7 customer support, SSL secured payment gateways and privacy policies that protect your data. Overall, Famoid will give you a good experience when you need any kind of help related to social media.

Instafollowers. co has been popular amongst people of all ages and experience levels for getting you quick results. Instafollowers. co has a variety of different packages, which we’ve not seen so far. They also get you 100% genuine followers and organic traffic as well. They are also a website that deals heavily in the Instagram niche, making them more focused on what they do. Their services are high quality and they guarantee to deliver you within 24 hours, irrespective of the package you select.

Speaking of packages, they have standard package rates for up to 10,000 followers, but they can also get you 25,000 or 50,000 and even 100,000 followers for $222, $445, and $891 respectively. The 100,000 follower cunt package is only available on FollowerPackages, so if you’re trying to get more and more organic reach to your account, then instar followers are the way to go.


Blastup is relatively new in the SMM industry, hence they don't have much experience. But the customers they’ve acquired have been satisfied with their services. Their customer seems to be always on their toes to help you out with your queries and they also give you a refill guarantee. Their site is very simple to use and the interface is great as well.

However, they are the most expensive service in the industry right now. They charge you $219 for 100 followers, which is a lot of money, whereas competitors are dinged it for just $2. They have a long way to go and they can if they maintain the quality. But there needs to be a massive price drop, as this price is not just going to cut it.


Instapalace is also one of the better websites to buy Instagram followers from in the market. They are focused just on Instagram, which makes their quality way better than some of the others in the industry. Their customer support is great as they prioritize you in all cases. Also, their premium services focus on creating better engagement for your profile. If you go for their premium services, then their team will get in touch with you and help you sort your Instagram account out.

Their packages come at reasonable prices as well. They start from $2.4 for 100 followers and go up to $94 for 10,000 followers. Their customer experience is also very satisfactory as they have positive reviews online. Their FAQs will help you out with the basic problems, but you can always contact their customer service, round the clock, which makes them reliable.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is the name that pops up when you are serious about getting your A-game to the table. They have a variety of packages to choose from and you can even customize them according to your needs. They have premium services that can get you Hashtag optimization, and even help you rank higher in Instagram search ranking. Their service quality is great and so are their delivery times, which makes them stand out as one of the best places to get your Instagram a headstart from.

They will charge you $10 for 250 followers and can go up to $190 for 10,000 followers. The prices are slightly more expensive as compared to the competition, but the quality is really good. Their customer service is available 24/7 to help you out and their website is very secure as well. They also promote your profile to get you more organic reach which is why they have been popular for quite some time. They may have been the last name on the list, but they’re not the least.


If you’re looking for social proof to validate your Instagram account, which may be a personal account or a business, Socio-Viral is one of the leading members in this industry. With their genuine traffic and real engagement, you can be sure to reach the heights of social media with not much effort.

They also have other services like getting more likes, views, and even shares, which is what makes them an online guru for improving your presence on Instagram. Socio-viral has also been in the industry for quite some time and hence their strategies don't affect your account in any malicious ways, which is what makes them a credible website to avail services from.

Their packages range from $1.49 for 50 followers to $40 for 5000 followers. Tier delivery is quick as they don't have heavy packages, but their services are good quality and help you increase the amount of genuine traffic that visits your profile every day. Also, they have good customer support and great reviews online, so you can put your money into getting services from them hassle-free and tension-free as well.

Likes is also one of the most popular websites when it comes to getting Instagram followers and related services. Their delivery speeds are the quickest in the market, but they do adhere to the Instagram community guidelines as well. They pour in genuine followers, which have a higher participation rate and hence can grow your Instagram profile in no time.

They have proved their worth in the market by staying relevant for so many years and continue to do so. Also, since they are focused just on Instagram, their understanding of the algorithm is much better than that of the competitors, which makes them stand out in the crowd. Their services are high quality and are affordable as well.

Speaking of affordability, their packages range from $3 for 100 followers and go up to $280 for 25,000 followers which is pretty much the standard price in the industry. Their customer support helps you understand the process and also gets you premium services like Instagram hashtag optimization, reach boosts as well. They can be your guiding angel in the Instagram realm, especially if you’re new and want to market a certain product. Overall, has a clean and simple interface, which is secure and has no issues whatsoever.


StormLikes is another one of the websites that focuses just on improving your Instagram game. They have been well known in this industry for quite some time and have proven their worth with guaranteed results. The process is pretty simple and secure. You go to their website, select a plan according to your requirements, two clicks, and voila followers start pouring in. they guarantee to bring you 100%genuine followers, which is why they have been relevant so far.

Since they understand that fake accounts and spambots can degrade the quality of your Instagram account, they take no such steps, that can put your account in danger. Also, they don't require your log-in details, which is great, because you can be sure your account is secure. Their 24/7 customer service is always ready to help you out in every situation, which is great because this might be a bit tricky for beginners.

StormLikes packages start at $2 for 100 followers and go up to $90 for 7500 followers. Their prices are quite high but so is the quality of their service. They also deal in Instagram comment packages, which can increase your user participation, highlighting your account as a user’s popular profile and recommending it to other people as well.

What are the organic ways to gain Instagram followers?

By organic growth, it is generally meant to increase your numbers without taking the help of third-party interference. Instagram is an engaging platform and the engagement rates here are more than double of Facebook and even more than other similar platforms. This makes it easy to grow here organically with just maintaining a regular publishing schedule and some tweaks. 

The quality of the content is of utmost importance here. With solid content in your hands, it is not hard to attract an audience that is interested in it. All you have to do is provide them with a gateway. That gateway is Hashtags. By the inclusion of keywords related to your post, you can make it show up for the users that look up those keywords. If you feel comfortable spending actual money, Instagram ads are a sure-shot way of getting more exposure and fans from all over the world. 

It is normal to not prefer the way of paid followers. Some don't have either the budget or the will to spend on such paid promotions. If that is the case with you, there are plenty of organic ways with which you can enhance your Instagram growth. 

  • Publishing Creative Content Regularly 

In all honestly, the content you post is the most important part of your entire campaign. Everything revolves around it and without good content to offer, even the smartest of marketing strategies will fail. Content is the undisputed king and you will need to keep coming up with it regularly.

If you don't post regularly, your existing fanbase will die out eventually. It is best to have a content calendar in advance to keep track of what needs to be published when. As for the ideas of content, you can always check for the topics that are doing well on Instagram or trending on social media. 

  • Keep Up With Instagram Trends

There is always something different trending on Instagram. It can be a simple filter or a theme for Reels. A specific song might be trending in Reels at any specific time period for example. The same can be said for a filter that turns you into an anime character. Meme trends work the same way for image posts.

Whatever it might be, these trends usually bring a large amount of attention. That is if you incorporate a relevant trend, right when it is at its peak. 

  • Use The Platform's Features

Instagram jumped on the opportunity when TikTok was banned in multiple countries across the world. They introduced Reels where you can share small clips for the world to see, just like TikTok. Reels bring the biggest engagement on Instagram right now and you can expect them to get you huge exposure to people you don't even know. There is so much more outside of the Reels as well. Stories and highlights, for example, are perfect for showcasing special content. They also feature trendy stickers that add both aesthetic and functional value.

For longer videos, one can use IGTV. Polls can help you get feedback from your followers for future changes. 

  • Proper Use Of Hashtags 

Hashtags of Instagram hold more value than a lot of users could think. Many think of them as just decoratives with no purpose. That's the exact opposite of what they meant for. Hashtags are used for grouping a similar type of content under one category. A "food" hashtag, for example, contains all of the posts related to food that have used the tag.

Using a tag can help people discover your content if done the right way. For smaller accounts, it is better to use less popular hashtags so that your posts don't get buried under millions of other posts. The keyword should also be relevant to the content.

  • Cross-Platform Promotions

Your marketing strategy should definitely not be limited to just Instagram. There are so many different social media platforms available and they should be used for our benefit. The more the merrier, and it is surely proven right in this case. It is a common practice to have at least one account over all of the major social networks.

Each platform has its own advantages and you can combine them all for the best results. You might develop a unique fan-following across different platforms. Bringing those all together will certainly boost the numbers. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, a seamless cross-connection is possible between the two. 

  • Maintain Activity

Activity here refers to more than just publishing content. It doesn't end at just making a post or two if you want significant growth. Staying active within your existing community is a must. Be it conversations in comments and inboxes or live video sessions, community interaction is crucial for retention and further expansion.

Another strategy of garnering the attention of new users is by being active on other accounts similar to yours. Witty remarks and references on popular pages can be helpful and many profiles have gotten famous through only this. 

  • Ads and Paid Promotions 

Instagram ads can consider as that one card up your sleeve that you can never miss with. Using the platform's ads nearly guarantees a surge of organic followers. With ads, you can specifically target the exact audience you want, based on age, sex, location, profession, and much more. Another popular form of paid promotion is influencer marketing.

In this case, you pay a popular social media figure to endorse you. Influencers hold a huge status on Instagram and their shoutouts have helped the growth of many. 

Can I buy Instagram followers?

Organic growth is effective, beneficial, and works in most cases. However, it takes time and takes a lot of it. For it to work, you will need to have the time and patience for months of waiting. If you don't have that and can't wait for a long time, buying Instagram is a completely plausible option.

Contrary to the beliefs of many, buying Instagram followers or any other social media platform is completely legal. All of the websites that sell such promotions, work in open. Buying followers from any of them is easy, ethical, and legal. It works just like any other online purchase. If you have bought anything online ever, it is as easy if not easier than that. 

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

As you know now, buying followers is completely legal and ethical. Apart from being within the laws, it is also safe to buy Instagram followers. As long as you are buying from a trusted source, both your account and money stay safe. Reliable websites provide real followers that do not void the guidelines of the platform.

They also protect the payments through SSL encryptions. Websites that master these two will never pose any kind of harm to your money or account. 


All the services mentioned above are tried and tested and have proven their credibility time and time again. They bring genuine followers to your profile which is why they are mentioned in the list in the first place. Building a social media empire has never been easier, as it is today, with services like Mr. Insta you can get your Instagram game sorted as they are someone who understands the algorithm well and comes up with unique strategies to help you grow.

However, be sure to improve the level of your content as you get more followers because the organic reach that you gather won’t be retained on your platform if you just make average content. But having social proof is always beneficial, so you should check these services out. So we hope this article helps you become the next social media sensation, but until then, happy shopping.


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