Tricks and Video Software to Create Stunning Videos for Social Media

Today, we do not imagine our lives without social media. People usually use several networks for entertainment and communication. The most popular of them are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, where users can easily share their stunning moments with others. Videos attract our attention more and more on social media if compared to photos and images, which we quickly scroll down. Statistics say that 78% of social network users watch videos online each week, and 55% of them do it on a daily basis.

Bloggers, marketers and ordinary people want to be watched and interesting. 69% of people say they’d like to learn about a new product or service by watching videos. Video content can make them popular and multiply their incomes. Millions of videos are posted daily, but only some of them become viral. What’s the secret? You should know how to edit video or something else? How to create a catchy video that can make people stop and enjoy the content? The audience is quite picky now; therefore, you should apply all your creativity to engage, entertain, and get love. Let’s find five tips that will bring you success.

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#1 Tell a Story

A good story is the key to success, and your task is to plan it and decide on the effect and emotions to evoke. We are sure that you can capture the audience's attention with the help of a storytelling technique. Your video should be informative and clear so that people find something new and at the same time see the reflection of their life there. Social media videos provide you with a short amount of time, and you need to be concise and creative. Resort to tropes option in your video to give people something they know well and want to share with their nearest and dearest. An attention-grabbing video is simple - tell about yourself and be honest. Consider adding subtitles to your MP4 to make it more versatile. The video should have the beginning, middle, end, and a conflict you overcome would be a win-win option. 

#2 Collect the Content

Your trending video is impossible without high-quality content. Here we mean not only your own MP4 videos but photos, videos, and images from other sources. Marketers should pay attention to the existing marketing content and use their images, logo, team photos, and more. Brands may also refer to user-generated content and use images and videos where they’ve been tagged. A rich source of content is an archive with stories on Instagram or Snapchat. There you will find something interesting and really exceptional to complement a new video. To masterly edit a video that will contain all the content pieces you like, discover how to choose a professional editing tool in the next paragraph.  

#3 Use a Professional Editing Tool

Even the best content you collected may look weird if not edited properly. There should not be awkward pauses or unclear plot moves, so make smooth transitions from one frame to another. With a variety of shots, it would be easier to make a trendy product. Mind-appropriate pacing and tight cuts to make the video concise. To choose the right software, ask professionals and read reviews. But such tools as Shotcut, LWKS, FXhome will enable you to edit video without much time and effort. 

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#4 Add Catchy Text and Audio

Many social media users better perceive the written message, but simply reading is not as captivating as watching a video with captions. Moreover, Instagram and Facebook do not play the video sound until users tap onto the video itself. A catchy text will highlight important messages, so consider adding subtitles to MP4. It should not be overwhelmed with information, but beautifully designed subtitles will ensure more engagement as we know about people with hearing disabilities. Do not underestimate the role of music in a trendy video as popular songs and properly chosen audio can be great complementation, ensuring amazing results. Music influences a person’s mood and emotions; therefore, try to make video and audio matching.

#5 Choose the Platform and Target Audience

Different social networks have different content requirements, so you have to pay attention to them during video creation. Some social platforms work better with horizontal videos, but others with vertical. Many platforms suggest an in-built video option with some editing tools and effects, but there is not much time for your imagination and creativity. Instagram users are the most active video content creators now, so if you are one of them, explore how to grow Instagram followers and get more engagements. Think about the audience your message is addressed to as your content may be interesting for a certain category of people. Learn their preferences, the most appropriate time to post a video, and it will become trending.  

Social networks have particular video requirements to remember; thus, we prepared for you a list of tips for video on the most common social media:

  • If you choose Facebook to post a video, consider that it must be no more than 2 minutes in length. A trending video should be informative and suitable for watching without sound, so adding subtitles would be a great idea. 

  • To make a video trending on Instagram, you need to make its length 15 seconds. Add hashtags, location, and descriptions to make it viral. But everything will be in vain if your video is not visually appealing. Thus, try to create looping videos, teasers, or fun behind-the-scenes videos. 

  • Twitter works perfectly with 30-second teasers that reveal full-length content. It would also be great to answer the written question with the help of a video. 

  • On YouTube, you can post any length of videos depending on your content and channel topic. Classify them into playlists to make them easily accessible to the audience. People like to watch educational videos, demos, or tutorials on this social network. 

  • The preferable length for Snapchat videos is 10 seconds. It seems too little, but people usually have fun and look for entertainment there. You can show your personality and daily life during these ten seconds.

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Now you can see that to make a trendy video, it’s crucial to follow five simple rules. We hope that you found out the importance of an editing tool, adding subtitles, text, audio, choosing the platform, and collecting content. Tell the world your story with the help of a short video on your social network account, and be ready for increased income, fame, new acquaintances, and exploring the world.


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