In today’s world, things are quite a bit different than they were when the internet first started out. You have social media, whereas in the past, you generally had messenger platforms, website chatrooms, and other sources of contacting people like snail mail and e-mail. Therefore, you need to know that one man changed all that with his entrepreneurship movement called That Lifestyle Ninja

Enter into the ring Kevin David, one man who used numerous automation platform tools and apps, eventually creating the concepts to one of his own. He’s learned how to master the process and show the world how he does it with his master courses (including telling people how they too can come up with their own courses in order to become as successful as he is).

How Kevin David Got His Start: Interesting Facts

There is a lot of confusion about whether Kevin David sharing his success story and helping others is actually legit or whether it’s a scam. The truth is, it isn’t a pyramid scheme – it’s truly successful, even if your results may vary and you’re not making 2.1million dollars in the first two years after taking his course. If you follow the plan and stick with the program, you can actually increase your revenue. Here are some interesting facts people don’t know about Kevin David

  1. He actually used to work for Facebook after he went to college. 

  2. Kevin David received a Bachelor of Applied Science at Oregon State University back in 2013 after receiving his high school diploma in Eugene, Oregon.

  3. He once worked as a senior technological consultant for BDO USA, LLP. 

Also, many people don’t realize this, but Kevin David started using Amazon’s FBA program before he ever made it big and successful. By doing so, he started to increase his sales, and get more people to buy his products from affiliate marketing, all the way down to his own seller’s account on Amazon. He became more successful after starting to use ManyChat (a popular messaging bot) and other automation tools on the market, as well as utilizing ClickFunnels in order to get more business.

Did Kevin David Quit His Day Job?

As a matter of fact, Kevin David did set on his journey after quitting his job in order to fully pursue being his own boss and entrepreneur. In recent years, being self-employed due to the labor unions decreasing along with the increase of unemployment. David’s movement encourages those to follow and pursue their visions like a real business, and take on the world to fulfill their dreams after they find a niche they’re good at.


If you wish to know about Kevin David, one place you can go is to Smart Bot Marketers, where a master of ManyChat can tell you about his experiences in meeting Kevin David in a civilian environment, and learning some excellent trade secrets in digital marketing and business success using tools like ManyChat, as well as Marketer Magic, in order to increase their success.

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