Starting a Youtube channel in 2021 from scratch is not a big deal, but you will witness slow growth. You may face many problems with growing the subscribers on Youtube instantly. 

Every second person want to create a YouTube channel as the number of channels earning six figures per year and five figures per year on YouTube grew more than 40% y/y and 50% y/y respectively (Source- YouTube Press) Also, the number of channels with more than one million subscribers grew by more than 65% y/y (Source-YouTube Press).

Getting more subscribers on Youtube is not a complex task, many creators buy real YouTube subscribers from legit service providers. However, this is a task, which must be proceeded with precaution. Thus, I am here to tell you the dos and don’ts of purchasing subscribers for your YouTube channel. 

But why must you buy YouTube subscribers when you are starting out? 

Youtube is a very competitive platform because more than 2 billion active users use Youtube every month. To start a successful Youtube channel, you may need to focus on growing subscribers because the growth of your channel depends on the numbers of views and engagement, subscribers. 

More subscribers mean you will get more visibility for your channel. More engagement will pay for itself when Youtube starts promoting your channel in the feed of interested people. 

Thus, newbie creators often buy YouTube comments to increase the organic engagement on your channel to start a successful channel. We have made a list of tried and trusted methods that can help you get real Youtube subscribers. Those subscribers like your content, leave a comment, share, watch engage with the content of your video.

How to buy real YouTube subscribers? 

Before purchasing any Youtube services, you have to do lots of proper research to find out whether they will work for you or not. If you choose the right vendor who will provide genuine subscribers, likes & comments, the ranking of your channel will increase and organic traffic will surge rapidly.

However, if you choose a vendor that fulfil their client’s order through software generate bots, it will do more harm to your channel than good!


Here are some parameters that your vendor of choice must fulfil before you buy YouTube subscribers from them: 

  1. Reviews: The best way to determine the worth of a vendor, is to look how satisfied their clients are. Customer reviews say more about a company than their landing page. If they customers are happy with their services, go ahead and buy their services. 

  2. Where are the services coming from: Next major factor to look into is the where the subscribers, likes, views, comments or whatever it is that they are providing, are coming from? Are these real people? Or are these just bots? 

  3. Pricing: Go for a vendor that is considerate enough to come up with reasonable and affordable pricing packages. Also, analyse whether the price they are asking for is worth their services or not. 

  4. Duration of order completion: How long do they take to deliver your order? If they delivering immediately, they are definitely providing bots. Organic means of brining traffic take longer. Hence, go for vendors who are asking for time to complete your order. 

  5. Observance of Youtube Policies - Make sure the vendor you choose, is well aware of YouTube policies such as Fake Engagement Policy, Terms of Service, etc. Your ideal vendor should ensure observance of important YouTube policies. 

Based on the above mentioned 5 parameters, we have tried, tested and come up with 3 best sites to buy real YouTube subscribers, and turn your channel a successful venture! 

Best sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers

  1. This site provides you different packages that will boost your channel in numerous ways. They also provide their network of people to like, comment, watch your video. Giving your promotional strategy a boost, you can leverage this site as its tools have helped thousands of creators to establish their channels. Here is place from where you can buy YouTube subscribers from this vendor.

  1. It is unquestionable that you will be enthralled by the results and will definitely want to come back every time. The trustworthiness, reputation, rankings & engagement rate of your YouTube channel will boost overnight. With the highest quality subscribers provided real subscribers remains number one on the list for 5 years now!

  1. Many fraud websites offer instantaneous follower/subscriber bots, which are unproductive in the long run. These bots stop functioning only a few days of purchase, and the number of supporters drops. Customers of, on the other hand, never face this issue because their followers do not decrease, on the flip side, they actively interact with their content. Therefore, is one of the best platforms to boost your online presence.

Organic ways to ensure maximum retention of purchased subscribers 

As a beginner, every creator should focus on deciding the right niche for your channel. After that, you need to do research about the content and find the less competitive keywords with high search volume.

Do not forget to use these focus keywords in the title and description and thumbnails. Write attractive and attention-grabbing descriptions because most the creators watch content after reading the description, then they will decide to watch the full videos or not.

You can optimize your channel by just write the engaging About us and create a home page channel background and select the perfect searchable channel name because the channel name will help you so people will find you easily.

As a creator, it is your responsibility to focus on producing high-quality content on your Youtube channel.  You need a camera or Android phone to record the videos and establish your point of view. Lighting matters more so use light to get focus. You need to focus on improving the quality of audio and remove the background noise.

I hope you found this as a helpful article on the dos and don’ts of purchasing real YouTube subscribers. 

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