No one likes a dirty kitchen. Not only does it scream unhygienic, but it also looks like a frustrating eyesore. Sure, there are some messes that you can easily clean off, but there are just messes that require time and effort for you to do in mere minutes.

Like a dirty kitchen cabinet, for example. The cabinets might have once been spotlessly clean and shiny when you first got them, something that kept your eyes with how good they looked. However, as time passed, mixed with neglect and wear from constant use, the kitchen cabinet wears away with your interest. Now, they look dirty and unappealing, a speck of irremovable dust in a supposedly clean kitchen.

So, should you change your kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen beautiful once more? Of course not. Kitchen cabinets are expensive and are significant investments. However, some tricks and techniques can make them look brand new again. What you need to do is read on and find out what you need to do.

Kitchen Cabinets 101: Keeping Them Clean

Here’s how to keep your cabinets clean and maintain their durability;

Figure out What your Cabinet Needs

The first step in keeping your cabinet clean is figuring out what cleaning maintenance they need. Even if american made kitchen cabinets are created with high-quality materials, each type of cabinet deserves proper treatment. As you can see, a wood cabinet should not be dealt the same way with an oil-based one. The same goes for the cleaning method that should be applied to cleaning metal cabinets.

  • Wood Cabinets

This type of cabinets, for a thorough cleaning, would need an oil-soap wood cleaner, which is cheap and easy to find. However, you can use the products you have at home, like vinegar, detergent, or rubbing alcohol. If there are stubborn stains you can’t get off, using baking soda would be a viable option. By creating a paste after mixing baking soda with water, use a clean cloth to wipe the stain off. 

  • Metal Cabinets

Metal cabinets are easy to clean since anything can be used for it. However, baking soda wouldn’t be an ideal cleaning product. However, don’t over-wet the cloth while you are wiping since sustained dampness may cause rust.

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  • Painted Cabinets

Painted cabinets, especially oil-based ones, are much more sturdy than wood cabinets and can handle harsh scrubbing. You can use the same cleaning materials, just like with the wood cabinets. Baking soda would have the same effect as hard to remove stains.

If your cabinet is painted with water-based latex paint, be careful and don’t scrub too hard. Scratch marks might be left in the wake of your tough cleaning. A non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner mixed with warm water would be beneficial for these types of cabinets. 

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

There are chemical cleaners that contain abrasive ingredients that can damage your cabinets. Avoid products that have ammonia since it affect a wood cabinet’s wood finish, adding age marks to your cabinets. Stick to the products mentioned above to use for the type of cabinet you have.

Keep Moisture Out

Don’t let moisture into your cabinets. Placing wet rags, leaving a part of the cabinet damp- all of these could damage your cabinet, especially ones made from wood. Water makes the wood less durable, and no matter how much coating your cabinet has, wood can and still will rot if it keeps being exposed to water.

Thoroughly Clean Nooks and Crannies

Larger dust buildup usually happens in places you can hardly reach. A microfiber cloth wrapped around a blunt but lengthy object could reach into areas that you can’t. If you plan to use something sharp, like a knife, be extra careful. The blade can rip through the cloth and cause you to cut the wood accidentally.

Coat it with Wax

Adding a wax job can give your cabinets another protective barrier from harmful elements. These can come in the form of steam, water, oil, and even debris that can build up and cause wood or paint discoloration. Some people apply a new coat every six months. To apply wax, spray it on a cleaning rag and spread it on the surface of the cabinets.

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Make Time for Cleaning

Kitchen cabinets can accumulate dirt fast, so you must make time to maintain it after the grueling task of removing stains. You wouldn’t want another dirt buildup and spend hours cleaning up again, right? So be sure to give a little bit of your time to wipe your cabinets regularly. It is recommended that kitchen cabinets should be cleaned all over once every three days.


Kitchen cabinets are important installations in our household. It helps us organize the kitchen and hide ingredients that would otherwise look messy sprawled over the kitchen counter. However, a dirty kitchen cabinet could be frustrating, and continuous neglect can cause wear. It is a hefty investment to have one installed, so make sure to get your money’s worth and maintain your cabinets in tip-top condition.

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