Despite growing popularity, influencer marketing is still in its infancy. According to the research undertaken by Statista, the industry is set to be valued at more than $370 million come 2027. These are some huge numbers when you consider that in 2018 the market was less than half of the estimated amount, i.e. $137 million.

Influencer marketing is an extended arm of digital advertising. Hence there are agencies and platforms that provide the service. Across the globe, an influencer marketing agency is sought by businesses to build relationships with Influencers, find new customers, structure and execute campaigns, provide analytical data and reporting.

Best agencies in the industry are armed with extensive knowledge, all thanks to hundreds of successful campaigns run and their work with influencers across multiple categories. They will handle activities related to the project and ensure that it produces promising results for the brand. 

An Influencer marketing platform is a safe haven. These entities assure safety to businesses who worry themselves silly due to FTC regulations, public relations problems and fear of losing money on poorly executed campaigns.

This article talks about one such agency called We will discuss how a partnership with their expert staff can help your business grow with the right influencers. So please stay with us till the end.

What does a top influencer marketing platform do?

An influencer agency is a bridge between a brand and Influencers who have registered on its platform. In simple words, they help businesses find more customers for their products and services or increase the level of interaction between a brand and its existing consumers. As for Influencers, they help them earn revenue by monetizing their content on their social channels.

A top influencer marketing platform, like Grynow, facilitate communication with the brands to understand the values, messaging, and outcomes they expect from their campaigns. They also try to gain insights on attributes that make the brand stand out from its competitors. 

The main goal of a top agency is to create and execute an advantageous campaign for a brand. This is possible with the help of the right influencers and a well thought out plan which incorporates all of the brand's needs. 

Let us look at how the events unfold. 

How can Grynow help boost your business?

  • Finding the right Influencers

Influencers searching for paid campaigns register to an influencer marketing agency by providing their contact details and statistics associated with their social media handles. 

The experts at Influencer marketing agency like want their brands to collaborate with reputable personalities who are a good fit for the end goals. Hence they analyze the brands target consumers as well as potential customers to know their pain points. 

Next, they find the right influencers for the campaign by scrutinizing the audience demographic on the creator's social media handle and the engagement rates on their content. Finally, Influencers are picked based on their capability to meet the needs and goals of the brands.

  • Campaign designing 

A campaign fails in its objective if it falls short of reaching the brand target consumers in the right way. 

But, due to their understanding of a brand's product and services, the professionals at a top Influencer marketing Agency like Grynow can effectively select the right influencer and the proper social media channels to execute the campaign. 

The agency takes it upon itself to establish a publishing schedule and work with the creators to create quality content while ensuring that the influencers and brands assets are effectively utilized for the highest gains.

  • Campaign overview

As the best influencer marketing agency in the country, Grynow provides a campaign overview to ensure that the influencers are in sync with the team-up. During the process, the creators are given creative insights and are made aware of the brand's crucial points, messaging, and goals. This process is undertaken to ensure that all entities involved work towards the same target.

  • Optimization analytics and reporting

For any top influencer marketing agency in India, this is one of the more crucial aspects of their work. The company is responsible for ensuring that all transactions related to the joint venture are handled without trouble; this includes negotiating prices with the influencer, contract agreement, ensuring that the content produced follows brand/legal requirements, and reporting on the campaign performance.

The report that Grynow makes available to their clients consists of essential metrics like engagement rate, return on investment, views, reach, real-time Analytics etc. All this is necessary to determine the value that the campaign brings to the brand. According to a report by influencer marketing hub, 38.5% of business gauge the success of the venture based on conversions and sales acquired from the campaign.

As the Best influencer marketing agency in the country, Grynow learns everything there is to know about people that associate themselves with a celebrity. They also focus on the “how” when selecting Influencer to build awareness for the brand and its offerings. As per a report by the world federation of advertisers, 86% of marketers include brand awareness as one of the objectives of influencer marketing.

Grynow is a prominent agency that brings Influencers closer to several potential brands - so that they can promote a company's products and get compensated for their hard work.

What makes Grynow different from the rest?

If you look hard enough, several self-service web-based platforms are available to find famous social media stars. Here brands have the freedom of finding Influencers of their choice using the search mechanism along with filters like the type of social media, number of following, audience demographics and influencer demographics. However, the platform is only web-based software and will not be providing any genuine assistance.

On the other hand, an influencer marketing agency like Grynow offers a more personal touch. The experts at the company handle everything from recruiting Influencers, managing campaigns and providing insight for content creation. Taking upon themselves to ensure your campaign succeeds in its objective.

To sum up 

According to digital marketing institute, more than 70% of business consider Influencer marketing an important part of their promotion strategy – but that does not make it any less difficult to execute. 

Of course, there are web platforms you can use to search and find creators of a partnership. But as a brand, you will realize that maintaining relationships with your influencers, optimizing your campaigns, tracking performance etc., can prove to be a challenge - especially if it does not come under your area of expertise. 

You also have to make sure not to overpay Influencers for projects that end up giving less than satisfactory results.

For optimum output on your investments, it would be best if you had someone who will do all the heavy lifting for you, and that someone is Grynow - a top Influencer marketing agency in the country. They exist to use their years of experience to create and execute effective campaigns for your brand. 

As we reach the end, we hope to have successfully provided you with some valuable insights.

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