Male pattern baldness or hair loss is the condition that affects most men their entire life. It has been seen that two-thirds of men at the age of 35 will experience some hair loss. 

However, these days, effective means of treatment can be found for hair loss in men. Minoxidil is one of them. As per the study, it can be useful in around 70% of men; you might wonder how long it takes to work?

This is what you will get to know here. But, it would be of great help for you to know that Minoxidil results are not immediate. The growth of hairs takes time. 

How does Minoxidil work?

The medication is considered to be one of the proven-treatments and best-known on the market. Unlike any other medicine, a prescription isn’t needed, and you also don’t need to pop the pills. 

Hair loss takes place due to the shrink of hair follicles on the scalp. The natural result of age leads to miniaturization, as it is known, and hair loss occurs because of the produced hormones in the body.

The treatment of Minoxidil reverses the entire process. When it gets applied to the scalp, it dilates blood vessels, leading to blood flow in the particular area. From a large amount of blood, the follicles take more oxygen and nutrients, which helps maintain the hair’s health. 

However, the process needs time; shrink follicles cannot just grow like that. Instead, Minoxidil intervenes in what is called the hair growth cycle. The follicles work by producing the hairs, getting out themselves, and resting to the point where the hair ultimately comes out.

Minoxidil leads to the growth phase or ‘anagen’ phase, to start early, resulting in a longer period of healthy growth of hairs. However, the follicles need to pass through other cycles first. This is why it takes time, and you might also experience hair fall before it starts to grow again. 

How useful is Minoxidil?

The best results are seen in most of the men. Even the study has been found that in 12,000 men, the use of the medication for a year results in the growth of hair to be good, excellent, and fair. 

This study used 2% Minoxidil solution, while the evidence suggested that 5% use is considered to be more effective. As per the research, if comparing both the solutions, people who used 5% had 50% greater hair regrowth than those who used 2%.

As it can be seen, better things take time but don’t be disheartened. While it might seem forever, this isn’t necessary for how long you’ll have to wait. 

When are you going to see the results of Minoxidil?

It takes immediate action, but it is better to wait for 3-6 months for the visible results. This is because the hair follicles take time to get back to the anagen phase. Unfortunately, there’s no quick solution to treat hair loss. But the longer you are going to use it, the more you will get the results. 


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