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CBD is available in different formulations and dosages. From capsules to oils, pills to gummies, CBD is available in different types with different consumption methods. However, with too many products available on the market, it is challenging to determine the right dosage amount and what is the beneficial amount of CBD for human wellness is unknown.

You might be acquainted that Cannabidiol is the second most abundant cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. The use of CBD edibles for human wellness has grown tremendously. There are numerous health benefits of CBD, but how much amount can one give those benefits? 

CBD is becoming increasingly popular because it can alleviate pain and help ease different types of anxiety disorders. Before considering whether the CBD is right for you or not, you should have to consider its potential health benefits and the accurate dosage of CBD.

Figuring Out How Much CBD to Take:

The following range of factors can determine the amount of CBD:

  • Bodyweight

  • Body chemistry

  • The condition you're treating

  • And, the concentration of CBD in capsules & gummies

However, before taking CBD, it is recommended to consult your doctor. If the doctor recommends the average dose of CBD, stick to that amount. However, if the doctor doesn’t suggest a particular amount of product, you can start with a lower dosage and increase it gradually. 

Other Factors that Determines the Amount of CBD:

If you are a beginner, your body may not tolerate CBD. Though CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects, usage of CBD without prescription might not be effective. 

  1. How you take CBD:

There are numerous ways to consume CBD, and all these ways contain varying strength or amounts of cannabinoid. How your body absorbs the CBD and how quickly it affects determine how much CBD you should take.

Various CBD forms are:

  • CBD oils

  • Gummies

  • Tinctures

  • Creams & lotions

  • Capsules & tablets

  • Patches

  1. CBD Onset Time:

Here is how long it generally takes to feel the effects of CBD:

  • CBD Edibles – up to 2 hours

  • Tinctures – may take 15 to 45 minutes

  • Topical CBD – may take 60 minutes

  • Vape products – 15 to 30 minutes

  1. Why you're using it for:

The amount of CBD also depends on the condition you want to address with CBD. People take cannabidiol for several conditions, from anxiety to arthritis pain. Why are you using Cannabidiol? 

For arthritis, you can intake a smaller dosage. Arthritis foundations recommend a few milligrams of CBD sublingual oil to a beginner. However, if it is not effective, you can increase the dosage. Remember that this recommended amount may not be effective for other health conditions.

Typical CBD Dosages for Various Health Issues:

Have you decided to take CBD oil to alleviate the symptoms of various health conditions or as a pain reliever? Different individuals respond differently to a particular dosage of CBD products. It is because of the varying health condition, weight, physical structure, and intent of CBD intake of users. So, there's no universally agreed amount of CBD dosage and you have to keep in mind the factors discussed before to determine the right amount of CBD dosage. It is recommended to "start small and go slow" to track the progress and analyze what amount works best for you.

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