Most businesses know that swag is the best way to reach potential clients because everyone likes something for free. Think about when you enter hotel rooms; you find pens and notepads. When signing up for car insurance, some providers will provide you a swag bag full of goodies. Some items you may find include calendars, notepads, pens, keychains, and much more. Promotional items are a must for any business, especially if you are attending a trade show. However, there is a fine line between spending to generate leads and disregarding the budgets you have in place.

What is a Promotional Gift Bag? 

Promotional gift bags are more commonly known as swag bags. Swag is an acronym that stands for Stuff We All Get. These bags are not price locked or required with information. They should be kept small and inexpensive. You can offer raffles with the entry being contact information that offers more expensive items. You are generating leads with these items that you can follow up on following the show. Both should be used because they are marketing tools that require very minimal work on your end.


When people go to conferences, you will see many with water bottles. However, not everyone remembers to grab their cup from their conference room. Offering reusable cups, coffee mugs, and water bottles is a great way to get people to stop at your booth. Even people who remember their portable drinkware will often want to grab another because everyone always needs beverages on the go. Make sure you purchase items that are BPA-free or stainless steel and dishwasher safe. People want convenience but also need something that is not high maintenance. You want your logo to be easily visible and in a method that will not wear off easily. 

Consider the Tech Community

Everyone carries a cellphone now, and many have multiple electronic devices. When you have a stand at any conference, catering to the technology community will ensure your products are used often. The more they are used, the more your brand name is seen. Ideas include miniature multi-tip chargers, power banks, and phone stands. Thumb drives used to be popular, but they are not in as high of demand now that people can share information on cloud software. A marketing team will help come up with unique ideas that will help your business stand out from your competitors. 


People want to know that you care about them and their well-being. When selecting promotional items, consider the wellness of your potential clients. While yoga mats might be out of your price range, step counters and pill cases are less expensive. You can even hand out the sunscreen, hand sanitizer, or band-aids that have your brand printed on the containers. Companies find that many people are always in a rush and stressed, so anything that makes their life easier and healthier is a good option. 

Travel Accessories 

Finally, promotional items that reach a large group of people are travel accessories. Luggage tags, small duffle bags, and toiletry kits are always a winner for trade shows. These are items that you can expect attendees to use during the conference and after they go home. If you are looking at getting bags as your product of choice, make sure your brand information is embroidered. 

It is important that regardless of what promotional items you go with, they are lightweight and easy to fit in full suitcases. People often fly and have very limited space. You do not want them to leave them behind in hotel rooms because they did not have room for them in their luggage. When you are ready, buy here for some of the best prices for items in bulk.

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