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A small town is always under threat. Young people move away to chase big dreams in big cities, meanwhile large chain companies snatch up what little business is left. It is a shame because no big city can quite match the strength and warmth of a small community. To keep your small town alive and thriving, you need to invest your time and personal skills in supporting your local community.

The tight-knit community of a small town sustains a friendly and open environment. But, if too many people move away, it will become difficult to keep the local community afloat. No people mean no business, and no business means no people. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be broken by passion and commitment. 

Start a business

One thing you can do to support your community is to start a business of your own. Your local community needs innovative minds and entrepreneurship. If you start a creative and exciting business that attracts people, you will make it all the easier for other businesses to flourish, which in turn will help your business. Of course, being creative is easier said than done. Look at your surroundings and brainstorm ideas for a business that might help your community. You can play around with ideas for a business name at which might spark an idea that in time will turn into an exciting local business adventure.  

Become a volunteer

If you are not interested in starting a business, you can always invest in your local community by volunteering. There are many different areas in your community that need extra support. You can help the homeless or families in need by volunteering in a food bank or you can volunteer at the local church or maybe even at the hospital. If you want further inspiration you can go to and read about people who have supported their local community through volunteer work. Volunteering is not only a great asset to your local town it will also help you make more friends and become a more engaging member of your community. The joy of helping others is a reward in and of itself. You will feel more attached to your home, your neighbors, and your town.

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Shop locally

The biggest threat to a small community is big companies taking over all the customers so the small, local businesses can’t thrive. If you want to support your local community, shop locally. According to, you can support local businesses in more ways than one. Of course, shopping at local retail stores and eating at local restaurants will help your local community immensely. If you can find an item you want in a local shop, buy it from there instead of an online shop or a national chain. But you can also support local businesses by writing reviews and posting about your local shopping on social media. This way you create more attention around a small business which might attract more customers.

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