Whether moving in a new home or apartment or upgrading your house, finding the perfect mattress is a process you don’t want to hasten. You spend most of the time within your lifetime sleeping or taking a nap. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to make the wrong decision in purchasing one.

Furthermore, lying down on your mattress is one of the best rewards you could give yourself every day after a long day’s work. While you would want to save up your money for more essential things, mattresses are one of those that you shouldn’t be frugal about. Having a suitable mattress is an investment you make in yourself.

But before considering buying one, you must know its advantages and disadvantages because you wouldn’t want to end up in disappointment. While there are captivating mattresses available this year, there are still many things to consider, like durability, brand, comfortability, and the like to know which matches you best. Thus, listed below are seven types of mattresses for you to check:

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is one of the best mattresses 2021 has to offer that’s available online and at the store. It is one of those with the most outstanding mattress features, like back support or deep pain relief.

Of course, given the stresses and toxicity of a busy life, you’d often catch yourself stretching your body because of back pain due to prolonged sitting or standing and perhaps lack of exercise. And if your mattress doesn’t provide you with much-needed comfort, you’ll wake up tired and not rejuvenated. Thus, this memory foam mattress helps relieve your back pains and ailing joints.

Also, it’s perfect for hot sleepers and side, back, combo sleepers, and for athletes too. It’s perfectly curated for these types of sleepers.

However, there are things you need to pay more attention to, like its disadvantages,  in assessing its quality. Memory foam mattresses are pretty heavy, so you will have difficulty transferring them from one place to another unless you provide a solution for it. They are not waterproof, so you can’t bring your juices or water on them.  And when not washed after a month or so, they will release a not so pleasing odor.

Innerspring Mattress

While quite old-fashioned for a type of mattress, innerspring mattresses are still commonly used nowadays. Although new mattresses have already emerged, most people never cease to choose innerspring mattresses for a bed.

Why these? First, they are one of the least expensive mattresses available. Indeed, prices are one significant consideration for the purchasing public. And this is one of the best assets of the innerspring mattresses. Another is that these mattresses are very breathable because they don’t absorb much heat, even during hot weather. Also, the push back from coils provides a robust support system that you won’t even have to worry about if it can support you.

Some of their advantages that you also need to consider are; first, they wear out more quickly than other types of mattresses. Second, the steel coils inside them cause noise especially, when you move while you sleep, thereby disturbing you or your companion’s rest. The third is that the movements are being felt through the bed because the steel coils are connected.

Airbed Mattress

From the word itself, airbed mattresses are filled up with quantities of air. They have a chamber that you can pack with adjustable quantities of air. The more degree of air you fill, the firmer the airbed mattresses become. On the contrary, the more you decrease the air, the softer they become.

Their advantages include their capacity to provide customized support. This means that you can decide what type of support you want depending on the air you fill. You can choose the right amount of support that you need without difficulty.

Another is that they are comfortable because of the foam layer on top of the air chambers. Also, they have the split side option that provides separate compartments for right and left sides, thereby allowing couples to sleep together. At the same time, their own different individual needs are being satisfied.

However, one massive disadvantage of airbed mattresses is their price. They are costly and more expensive than the other mattresses.

Organic Mattress

The organic mattresses are for environmental consumers or eco-friendly purchasers. If you’re one of them, then it’s already a win. Their pros are the following: since their materials are natural and plant-based, they tend to be more durable and long-lasting. They also do not produce foul odors, no matter the frequency of use.

On the other hand, some of their cons include the following: they are expensive, and there is only a limited selection as to the types of these organic mattresses.

Cooling Mattress

Cooling mattresses are specially made for hot sleepers. Thus their pros are; first, they prevent body heat from building, thereby helping you stay cooler. And second, they improve your sleep quality because they address the problem of profuse body heat. 

One notable con these cooling mattresses have is that they do not really envelop you, and so they don’t provide pressure relief.


To give yourself the best reward in the form of a mattress, you should consider both its advantages and disadvantages for your assessment. They serve as a guide so that you won’t be disappointed with your choice.


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