You get into a minor car accident and need repairs you can’t afford, you are excited to rent a new apartment and didn’t properly understand the agreement but you signed it, or you are buying an appliance and are afraid it might get stolen. Everything valuable and important to you can be insured to save you from potential risks. Having insurance can make things easier in times of need. Here are a few situations when insurance is most helpful.

Having Medical Emergencies

If you get into an accident, get injured in a varsity game, get into a fight, or have health problems any time,  the hospital bills can be hard to pay. Having health insurance will make your next visit to the hospital easier on your wallet. Also, there is a good chance your university offers some basic healthcare options, but if you want better plans you can also search for yourself or ask other students which companies they use.

Paying for Car Damages

Car accidents are always unexpected. Even if you are an excellent driver, you are not the only one on the road. Your car can be damaged even while parked if someone crashes into it or an angry ex-partner decides to write a message on it with a key. Getting repairs, new parts, or a paint job can be expensive, especially if you own a nice car. Car insurance can cover these bills so you don’t have to worry about car-related expenses that are out of your control.

Renting a Place

If you like to have many friends over and host parties, then you may need to think about getting coverage for your personal belongings in case of any damages. Or maybe your landlord doesn’t allow you to have these parties and decides to sue you based on a violation of your agreement. This is where your insurance company steps in and covers the expenses. Look up Garrity Insurance for some help, because it is difficult to find a company that offers good packages.

Dental Problems

When you have a root canal,  tooth removal, or a crown and receive an unexpectedly huge bill because, to your surprise, dental procedures can be quite expensive. At the time the office manager may hand you a health credit card brochure and you can leave, but these cards have high-interest rates and those are hard to pay. This entire problem can be avoided with a simple dental plan. Routine checkups, cleanings, fillings, sealants, and many other procedures are covered by dental insurance. 

Buying Appliances and Gadgets

If you are buying a mobile, laptop, or an appliance for your place, you should get electronics insurance. You would think these would be covered in your home or renters insurance, but the deductible for those insurances are often high, and you will not be able to get any reimbursements from your company. If you don’t like to keep spending money every time something is broken or stolen, having insurance will cover you.

Going abroad for Vacation or an Exchange program

Maybe you get in an exchange program for a semester, or plan a trip out of the States with some friends, but have you considered all the things that could go wrong? Cancellations, lost luggage, stolen items, medical coverage, emergency services, and many more things are covered by travel insurance. Be sure to ask the insurance agent everything your insurance will cover. It may not seem like you need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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