Although some people might not think it, smoking is one of the most dangerous habits and practices to have.  It is not just the nicotine that is addictive, but also the process itself. You’ll get used to the fact that you’ll always have something in your mouth. Inhaling and exhaling smoke. Most of us are already aware that cigarettes have always been harmful to our health.

Smoking can cause cancer, lung disease, tuberculosis, stroke, and other diseases. Some countries put reminders on their cigarette packs about the harmful effects of cigarettes on our bodies. As if worded warnings aren’t enough, some governments use images of a disease caused by smoking to let people know what will happen to them if they continue to smoke cigarettes.

Although some people understand the risks, some find it hard to quit smoking. It’s a long process that requires time and patience. It’s a good thing that we have electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that allow its user to inhale and exhale aerosol from a “juice.” People who engage in this practice often call this process “Vaping.” 

Some people who want to quit smoking use E-cigarettes as an alternative. E-cigarettes are easy to use and not harmful compared to cigarettes. Having that said, here are the two types of vapes and their examples.

Standard Vaporizer

Standard Vaporizers, also known as a Table/Desktop Vaporizer is famous for its whip-style and aesthetics. It commonly uses a ceramic glass and allows the user to inhale the vapor  through the tube. The vaporization process happens when the user inhales the vapor through the tube. Pressing a button or just inhaling it will create a convection within the vape and reduces combustion which makes for a flavorful vapor instead of making it taste burnt.

It’s a good idea to buy this kind of vaporizer because it will allow you to have maximum control of the temperature you want depending on how fast you inhale in the tube and the flavor that you use. The flavors are usually dry herb and concentrates. One example of a Standard Vaporizer or table vaporizer is a Volcano Vape.

Volcano Vape

When it comes to table vaporizers, Volcano vapes are one of the best. From the manufacturing process to the finished product, the company maintains a good reputation. One of the features that vapes from this brand is that most of their vapes only take 1-2 minutes to create heat. 

Volcano vapes are easy to use. You can control the system by touching the button that is on the large display on each side. It also gives you a smooth and relaxing experience. After setting up the temperature, kindly wait for it to be heated. After pressing the air button, the balloon will start to create white vapor. This vapor is the one you inhale for a burst of a flavorful sensation, the same feeling you get when smoking.

This device is also suitable for social gatherings or occasions. Having these vapes help get the conversation rolling. Regardless if you're vaping concentrates or dry herbs, this table vaporizer ensures exceptional performance. Of course, you can also check out the device yourself. Volcano has the volcano hybrid on sale, perfect for those who want to get their hands on a high quality device.

Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are the most common types of vape. They are also known as hand-held vaporizers. The design of this device makes it unique and easy to operate. You can use it anytime and anywhere. In today’s society, people often choose portable vapes over a cigarette.

Users of this device will feel safe and relaxed compared to those who smoke cigarettes. Safe and relaxed in the sense that you’ll get the same feeling when smoking cigarettes, but you don’t have to worry because you won’t develop illnesses like what you get when smoking cigarettes. Portable Vaporizers include a battery, atomizer, and a “fire button.”

Pressing the fire button will start the atomizer to operate. The atomizer will then create a little heat for the coil and make a convection current that vaporizes the flavor or the juice. It’s always a good idea to clean your vape once a week and always check your cotton if it smells like burning when pressing the fire button. One example of a Portable Vaporizer is a Pen-Style Vaporizer.

Pen-Style Vaporizer

These vapes are often small and resemble a pen, hence the name pen-style vaporizers or vape pens. Most users prefer using these vapes as their lighter and easier to use compared to heavy vapes. Pen-style vape parts include a smaller tank, atomizer, battery, and sensors. 

When buying a Pen-Style Vape, always make sure that the parts are complete. Test it before leaving the shop. It’s also a good idea to ask for a warranty to make sure that you can have your money back or switch another vape for free if something unexpected happens.


Smoking can be tough to quit. Thankfully, there are lots of activities such as vaping, that serve as alternatives for such a nasty habit. Written above are some examples of vapes. Vaping offers a safer alternative compared to smoking for most people, enabling them to quit without suffering the effects of going cold turkey.

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