When it comes to online gambling, it is one of the most highly lucrative yet limited industries in the world. There are a lot of guidelines and limits on what online casino operators can do, and this often differs from state to state.  America is one of the most restricted places across the globe in terms of how and where online casinos can operate. Some requirements that must be met, and it is often up to the state’s jurisdiction as to whether the state in question can be exposed to the online casino market. Keep reading to find out some more about the state of online gambling in America, and Kentucky specifically. 

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History of online gambling 

The online gambling industry generates billions of dollars each year as players continue to log onto casino sites across the USA. The first online casino was developed and went live in 1994 which provided a new platform for gaming lovers to enjoy across the world. Online casinos added an edge to the iGaming industry as it appeared to be a convenient way for adults to enjoy betting. What audiences loved – and continue to love – about online gambling is that there are different forms of online gambling. Online gambling can include poker, casino games such as blackjack, slots and roulette, sports betting, bingo and novelty betting.  

As there are so many different types of online gambling to engage with, players began taking to sites such as online casinos to test their skills and luck. However, as audiences have grown over the past couple of decades, governments have consistently posed restrictions on casino sites and other gambling platforms. 

With this, there is always something suited to everyone. When it comes to casino providers which operate online, there are always specific casinos that remain popular and are loved by players everywhere. As the gambling industry is and has been highly competitive, providers have to fill specific criteria to remain popular. This can include customer opinion, bonuses and technological developments.

The restrictions 

In 1990, the US Government attempted to pass The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act which would prevent all online gambling operators from providing gambling products to citizens across the whole of America. From here, governments across the globe began enhancing restrictions and placing restrictive measures on online casino and gambling operations. Ideally, this was to ensure the safety of players. It soon became apparent that casino and betting operators required a licence to operate in different countries. 

Online gambling in Kentucky

Currently, in 2021, any form of real-money online gambling is entirely illegal in Kentucky, USA. The restrictions in place mean that individuals who do want to engage in gambling can do so on social casino sites where there is no real money exchange. Despite different U.S states relaxing online gambling restrictions, Kentucky remains a limited state. The laws surrounding online gambling in Kentucky mean that avid players are very restricted to what they play and how they play it. However, at the state level, Kentucky can legalise and approve online gambling at some point in the future – this is expected. 

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