Childs custody matters can be complex. They involve a lot of legal issues. To win these cases, you require the right strategies. You need to hire the right legal expert. Additionally, you should employ the following tips and tricks.

Play active Role

Play an active role in your kid’s life. Of course, mothers take a bigger role when raising kids. However, that doesn’t absolve a father from taking an active role in the kid’s upbringing. Play with them. Assist them to do their homework. Take a walk with your kid. Teach him/her how to pray. Go skating together. You can also take to the movie with your kid. Also, consider attending teacher-parent meetings. These are the things that will make your life better after divorce. Plus, it will remove boredom from the side of your kid.

Social Gathering

Attend important s social gatherings with your kids. This includes church-based activities. You can visit a friend with your kids. Don’t forget to organize a birthday party for your kid. Remember, simple things can make your life better and easy.

Visits, Child Support

Don’t fail to pay for the kid’s support. It can be counterproductive. Also, pay him/her a visit if you are living apart. This will help you establish a strong bond with your kids. Plus, it’s legally binding to pay for your kid’s support. Keep all the records regarding child support. This includes all finances sent to your kids, medical expenses, school fees, and other obligations. If you write checks, make a copy and keep them. Keep receipts of school fees. In a nutshell, you should keep all records.

Video Chat

If you aren’t living close to your kid, have video chats from time to time. Never allow your kid to normalize life without you. Living together is a parental obligation. Spend hours talking with your kids. Consider chatting with your kids several times a day or week. He/she will feel that you are there.

Obstruction from Your Partner

If your partner obstructs you from keeping in touch with your kids, consider keeping records. For instance, you can take videos and audio files. For instance, you can take notes on the day, time, and day. Document the excuse given by the mother. If the mother continues to prevent you from having a strong relationship with your kid, report it to your lawyer. It will taint her hopes of maintaining continued custody.


When dealing with the kid’s mother, be patient. Exude politeness. Have respect for the kid’s mon. Never belittle her before the kids. Maintain total calmness.

Be Honest

On the surface, taking care of kids is easy. However, things are different on the ground. Things can be challenging—especially if you have a full-time job. That’s why you should be very honest with yourself.

Don’t Take It to Social Media

Avoid social media. Don’t take your case to social media. It can deny you child custody. Keep things private.

Other Tips

Other tips include:

The Bottom-Line

Divorce cases are complex. Plus, winning child custody cases can be challenging—especially for fathers. But that doesn’t mean that fathers cannot win child custody cases. With the above tips and tricks, you can easily win a child custody case. 

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