Security is a worldwide concern today, and any company that is not taking proper measures to protect its people and data is taking a huge risk. Using turnstiles at secured entry points is an excellent way of improving your office’s security. It helps in organizing the flow of people that walks in by restricting it to one person at a time. This way, it becomes easier to identify and eliminate any intruder who tries to break in. Turnstiles should not just be seen as entry points; they should be seen as pillars that act as a security system. Turnstiles help you in establishing control of your offices. That way, only authorized people will be able to enter the restricted areas and it will become easier to spot potential threats. There is no doubt other security means, both hardware and software, are also valuable. But in order to achieve to make your workplace more secure, you should use both those means together. If you feel like that your offices are vulnerable, you might want to get in touch with a turnstile company ASAP. Installing a turnstile in your workplaces can have numerous benefits, let’s have a look at some of those.

Turnstiles Improve Security

Installing turnstiles on restricted entry points on your workplace automatically increase the security of your offices. It is also a great way of regulating the flow of people by restricting the passage to one person at a time. This could be extremely useful for you if your entry points are in an area that remains crowded. Anyone who does not have access to the other side of turnstile would not be able to pass. Even if someone tries to pass the restricted area without credentials, they will not go unnoticed. You can also install full-length turnstiles as they are nearly impossible to penetrate without authorized access.

Some people opt for getting automatic door locks, which can be passed via a company-issued valid card or by the biometric system. However, this system is not as secure as turnstiles. It does not limit the number of people that can enter on one credential. Turnstile locks the barrier immediately once a single person has passed through. This is why it is always a better option, and you should prefer Turnstiles over doors.

It Acts As Visual Deterrents

Turnstiles do not only stop unauthorized people from entering the premises but also acts as a visual deterrent for potential threats. Let’s assume you have big turnstiles made of solid steel and someone is looking to get into the premises of your office to steal something. They would immediately be discouraged by the size of turnstiles. This gives the impression that you are serious with your security and the criminal would just assume that your workplace is even more secure on the other side of the barriers. They basically act as a guard for your offices. You can see it as having a watchdog. Just like the dog will scare away the criminal, the turnstile will do the same.

It Grant Efficient Entrance and Exit

Turnstiles help in making the process of check-in and check-out easier as well. There is no need for personnel for checking and attendance as both can be achieved with the turnstiles. This also helps in avoiding traffic at the entrance as well. Your employees can access the turnstile with the help of a company-issued magnetic card, fingerprints, key fob or even their ID card. It is a benefit for your employees as well as they won’t have to deal with manual attendance anymore.

It Reduces Your Expenses

Investing in turnstiles is a very safe bet for the future as it is very efficient. A lot of money that is spent on security check-in, attendants and other entrance related function can easily be avoided. All the cost that you were paying to staff and any potential damage you could receive on unwanted entry is no more expenditure. If you are running a park, a cinema or any other place that requires to purchase ticket on entry this could save you all the money you were losing because of people sneaking in. That is what makes it a pretty safe investment for your company’s security.

It Keeps Analytical Record of People

Turnstiles are also a great way of keeping track of how many people are entering or leaving the floor on the day or how many people entered your park. This is a great way of keeping track of the daily activity and could be of significant importance to the analytical team. With all this data it can be determined at what time the most people are present in the company, how traffic behaves on an hourly basis and what is the average of active daily workers. This becomes even handier when you are selling tickets in a park, as it can help you calculate your daily customers easily and can also show your peak timings so you can plan park activates accordingly.


It Eliminates the Liability Risk of Intruder injury

You must have heard of a couple of cases on the news, where an intruder or thief got severely injured while trying to sneak into someone else’s property. Most companies do not want their brand image damages, so if something like this happens, they are more likely to pay for that person's injury. With Turnstiles there is no virtual risk of any non-member intruder facing any injury. After all, they are not doors that some can break with their physical strength.


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